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Why couldn’t the bridge work after connecting it to a CD/DVD-ROM in recording software like Nero?
This is a compatible issue of Nero and IDE commands. Recommends you collocate ACARD SCSI card to deal with this problem.
Does SCSI-to-SATA Bridge AEC-7730 support any ATAPI device?
No, it does not.
What is SCSIDE?
ACARD’s innovation-“SCSIDE Technology” is mainly applied to SCSI-to-IDE bridges. The bridges are used to link ATA or ATAPI devices, and turn those devices’ IDE interfaces into Ultra/LVD SCSI ones. In other words, through the bridges you can use inexpensive IDE devices to obtain the high-performance SCSI ones. SCSIDE can lower the loading of CPU by the on-board RISC micro-controller. Thus, the whole system’s efficiency and stability will be increased. ACARD’s bridges support most operating systems like Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Server 2003, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc. High compatibility makes your devices run more smoothly.
Do I need to install a driver for SCSIDE bridges?
No, you don’t need to, because it designed for on-board.
How to update the SCSIDE bridge firmware?
You can update the latest firmware and utility on our website find “Support” item. Or you can email to get more technical support.
What’s the difference among these SCSIDE Bridge?
Please refer below
*SCSIDE Converter


Device Type       
For 3.5" ATAHDD 
For 3.5" SATAHDD    
SCSI interface       
Ultra160 LVD SCSI   
Ultra2 Wide SCSI  
Ultra Wide SCSI 
Ultra SCSI

*SCSIDE Cabinet

Device Type       
For 3.5" ATA HDD
For 2.5" ATA Notebook HDD 



SCSI interface       
Ultra160 LVD SCSI(160MB/s)   



    Ultra2 Wide SCSI(80MB/s)  


    Ultra Wide SCSI(40MB/s) 


    Ultra SCSI (20MB/s)
    How do I update the firmware of the SCSIDE Bridge AEC-7720UW? Do I
    need to execute “setup.exe” from the bridge smart utility folder? Will there
    be a backup of the old firmware during the installation?
    Yes, you need to double click “setup.exe” to install the firmware update utility.
    During the installation there will be a backup of the old firmware.
    Do AEC-7720U and AEC-7722 support ATAPI devices? Will AEC-7722
    lower the speed of all devices to 80MB/s if they are connected to a SCSI
    controller that supports LVD max. 160MB/s?
    Yes, they support ATAPI devices. AEC-7722 is an LVD bridge that supports
    up to 80MB/s of speed, but other devices still transfer data with 160MB/s. As
    for AEC-7720U, it is an SE bridge, so it will force LVD bus change to Ultra
    Wide SE mode if it is connected to LVD bus.

    Why could I not partition or format when I connected 8 hard drives to the SCSIDE Bridge AEC-7720U/UW?
    AEC-7720U/UW is an SE bridge, so the connection of more than 4 hard drives on a single-ended bus will cause a signal problem. If you connect 4 or more Ultra Wide devices, the SCSI cable must be less than 1.5m in length. The last bridge’s terminator should be set to On and the others set to Off. If you need the connection of more devices to a long cable, the LVD version of AEC-7726Q is a good choice
    Is it possible to connect more than one AEC-7726Q to the same SCSI
    controller or SCSI RAID controller?
    Yes, it is possible. But you need the RAID software when you connect AEC-
    7726Q to a SCSI controller.
    Does SATA-to-IDE converter AEC-7900A support Pioneer A08 DVD writer?
    Yes, it does.
    The firmware I use for AEC-7726Q Bridge is 1.69Q, but this firmware is not
    listed in the firmware history. Why?
    The firmware of 1.69Q is only for OEM case.
    Can AEC-7720U/UW be connected to a Compact Flash memory card?
    Yes, it can be. But we don’t guarantee if the CF memory card could work well.
    Do the test first.
    I used a Plextor DVD writer 712A and Nero 6 to burn. In the hardware con-
    figuration I also used AEC-7722 Bridge and Adaptec 29160LP SCSI card. But
    the burning was not successful and even sometimes frozen. Is it normal that
    IDE-to-SCSI conversion is not as smooth as the operation in IDE mode?
    Nero 6 will send an ATAPI command to the SCSI bus and perhaps make the
    SCSI host card frozen. You can try one of the following solutions:
    1. Update the driver of Adaptec SCSI card to SP4 version 2.
    2. Use ACARD Ha! DVD Burner to solve the SCSI/IDE commands issue.
    3. Use ACARD SCSI card to solve the Nero compatibility issue.
    Does AEC-7726H/Q support ATAPI devices?
    No, it does not. It is designed for hard drives. But AEC-7722 supports ATAPI
    Is AEC-7720U Ultra SCSI-to-IDE Bridge compatible with the 50-pin internal
    hard drive in Mac G3 Beige series?
    Yes, it is.
    Does AEC-7730 support the command queues NCQ and CQ for both SATA
    and SCSI ends?
    No, it does not. AEC-7730 is a SCSIDE Bridge. It lets an SATA hard drive
    act as an SCSI one. We simply added the SCSI TCQ (Tagged Command
    Queue) to the SCSIDE Bridge. The support of NCQ and CQ for both SATA
    and SCSI ends requires redesign, and will make the bridge larger.
    What kinds of ACARD bridges are fit for burning?
    AEC-7720U – SE mode, 20MB/s, DVD burning speed up to 8X.
    AEC-7720UW – SE mode, 40MB/s, DVD burning speed up to 8X.
    AEC-772 – LVD mode, 80MB/s, DVD burning speed up to 16X.
    Does ARS-2100 support the Command Queue for an SCSI RAID card?
    No, it does not, but ARS-2100Q does. There is no difference in the use of
    ARS-2100 or ARS-2100Q when you connect an Adaptec RAID card. But if
    you use an LSI Mega RAID card, you are suggested to adopt ARS-2100Q.
    I have a disk array composed of ten SCA 1.6” hard drives. Is it possible to
    make a bridge that is connected with an 80-pin SCA cable instead of a 68-pin
    SCSI cable and a 4-pin power cord? It would be nice to use large IDE hard
    drives on this array.
    So far, it is impossible, but you can find a 68-pin to 80-pin SCA converter.
    Do AEC-7726Q and AEC-7730 support the Adaptec 29320A SCSI card?
    Yes, they do in spite that they have the transfer speed of 160MB/s. This spec.
    is also quite enough for ATA and SATA hard drives that have the speed of
    max. 133MB/s and 150MB/s respectively.
    Can I use AEC-7730 in the connection of SCSI hard drives with SATA
    No, you cannot. AEC-7730 is used in the connection of SATA hard drives
    with SCSI controllers. It can turn SATA hard drives into high-performance
    SCSI ones.
    I connected AEC-7730 to a Seagate hard drive. Where can I find the pins for the access LED?
    AEC-7730 doesn’t have any pins for connection with the access LED.
    I used an NEC ND-2500A DVD writer and Nero 6 to burn. In the hardware
    configuration I also used AEC-7720U Bridge and Adaptec AHA-2940AU
    PCI SCSI card. But the burning was not successful and even frozen. Why?
    Nero 6 will send an ATAPI command to the SCSI bus and perhaps make the
    SCSI host card frozen. You can try one of the following solutions:
    1. Update the driver of Adaptec SCSI card to SP4.
    2. Use ACARD Ha! DVD Burner instead of Nero 6.
    3. Use ACARD AEC-6712TS/TU SCSI card to solve the Nero compatibility issue.
    How do I update the firmware of AEC-7726Q?
    You can find the update utility in the Download page on ACARD Web site.
    Choose “SCSIDE Bridge” for the product, and “Utility” for technical support,
    and “PC” for the system configuration. Then click “Go”. However, it is not
    recommended to update the firmware if it works well presently.
    I connected a hard drive, a DVD-ROM and 3 DVD writers to ARS-2030LD
    Controller. Then I connected the controller and the hard drive to PC through
    AEC-4420P, because I wanted to download data to the hard drive from PC.
    But in this way the DVD-ROM became useless. Is there any solution?
    AEC-4420P only supports one IDE device at one time, either a hard drive or
    a DVD writer. Another solution is disconnecting the DVD-ROM. Just use one
    of the 3 DVD writers to read the data as DVD-ROM, and then copy the data
    to other 2 writers. Or use one of the 3 writers as DVD-ROM, burn the data to
    the hard drive as an image file, and then copy the image file to the 3 writers.

    I have one computer, 4 copy controllers connected with 4 hard drives, and 4
    AEC-4420Ps. If I connect the 4 copy controllers to PC using a 4-port USB
    hub, will the Image Manager show all of the 4 hard drives?
    The Image Manager will show them as long as it detects their format done
    by the copy controllers.
    Can I connect AEC-4420P to a hard drive and a DVD writer at the same time?
    No, you cannot. AEC-4420P only supports one IDE device at one time.
    I connected AEC-4420P to ARS-2033P Controller and the hard drive on the
    controller, and saw the hard drive appear in Image Manager. But I couldn’t
    write any data to the hard drive nor copy an image file from the hard drive to
    my computer. Why?
    It is signal or HDD compatibility issue. You are recommended to connect
    AEC-4420P to the hard drive only and set it to Master. Besides, you can
    connect AEC-4420P to another hard drive or DVD writer, and compare the
    I connected AEC-4420P to ARS-2030LD to burn. But the Image Manager has
    stopped working recently. Why? Also, can I copy an ISO image file from PC
    to the copy controller via the USB link?
    Image Manager can solve your problem. It supports DL discs, too.
    Update to this new version, and also update the firmware version of ARS-
    2030LD to 2.03J. As for your second question, it is all right.
    How to connect AEC-4420P to the copy controller ARS-2030T?
    Follow the 3 steps below to connect:
    1. See the figures on page 6 and 11 in the Manual of AEC-4420P.
    2. See the figure on page 20 in the Manual of ARS-2030T. The red line of the signal cable facing the control panel is connected to JP3 USB Link.
    3. Enter “12. Adv Setup”, and choose “Switch USB Mode”.
    AEC-4420P can connect an ACARD copy controller to a PC. Is it installed in
    the copy controller or the PC? Besides, does the recording software Ha! DVD
    Burner support DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW and DL discs?
    AEC-4420P is installed in the copy controller. Ha! DVD Burner supports all
    kinds of discs, but the nature of an optical drive device is important, too.
    Does AEC-4420P support ARS-2034 Copy Smart Plus 1-to-14 Copy Station?
    Yes, it does. AEC-4420P supports all kinds of ACARD copy controllers.
    Do I need to install the USB driver when using AEC-4420P in Windows XP?
    No, you don’t need to. Windows 2000/XP already supports a USB device.
    Only in Windows 98/ME you need to install the driver.
    How to set the SCSI ID of AEC-7720UW?
    For example, if you want to set ID to 3, you have to short ID 2 and ID 1. And if you want to set ID to 6, short ID 4 and ID 2.
    When AEC-7722 is connected to an ATAPI device, how is its compatibility with Adaptec 29160 SCSI card ?
    The compatibility is not complete. You can try one of the solutions below:
    1. AEC-7722 + Adaptec 29160 + ACARD Ha! DVD Burner (can be
    downloaded from our Web site).
    2. AEC-7722 + Adaptec 29160 + Nero 7 (not fully guaranteed, so update the driver of Adaptec 29160 to SP4 version).
    3. AEC-7722 + ACARD AEC-67160 + Nero (or Ha! DVD Burner, etc.)
    Does AEC-7720U work well with Adaptec AHA-2940U SCSI card and a
    CD/DVD writer?
    Yes, it does. However, pay attention to the following two things: 1. ACARD
    Ha! DVD Burner supports the present hardware configuration; 2. Nero 7 can
    also do but you have to update the SCSI card’s driver to SP4 version, because
    an old driver will cause SCSI/IDE command error. Besides, since AEC-7720U
    only supports 20MB/s of speed, you can simply do 8X burning.
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