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The release of the world’s first panorama drive recorder system that has already passed Taiwanese, Japanese and German patent certification.
-- First to release a combination of video-assist and drive recording functions, making it easy to record driving status at any time - while driving or parked.

September 9, 2011 Taipei – The ACARD Technology Corp. specialists in the design of image and data storage devices, today announced a panorama drive recorder system that provides drivers with a 360 degree all round view from the vehicle drivers seat. It can record driving status at any time – while the vehicle is in motion or stationary. The device uses ACARD image storage and image processing technology that forms seamless and complete images. The ACARD panorama drive vehicle electronics recorder system has been granted patent number M407861 (Taiwan), 3168981 (Japan) and 20 2011 000 782.0 (Germany). The ACARD device is different from any other drive recorder sold on the market. These are usually attached to the windshield. The ACARD device is built into the car display screen. It does not affect the configuration of the equipment and allows the driver a much better driving view. The ACARD can be provided as standard equipment or can be installed later by professionals. Here are some of the features:

1. Integrated design built-in drive recorder
2. Real-time image processing with no delay
3. Special waterproof lens design, prolongs the life span of the lens
4. Integrated driving assistance and drive recording in one unit.
5. Image correction and shock-resistant technology. Provides realistic images.
6. Optional SD card image storage. Records can be made or accessed at any time.
7. Easy installation, suitable for many kinds of vehicles
8. Provides functional expansion ports. Allows a range of extensions for different needs.

The main feature of this product is increased driving safety. The driver can see all around under difficult driving conditions. The ACARD panorama drive recorder has more features and is superior to other similar products available on the market.

ACARD Technology Corp. was established in 1996 and is a provider of video storage solutions for digital video products, cloud technology and smart applications. The "All-Around View Monitor system" released in 2011 integrates mobile products and applications to provide a highly-integrated automotive electronics product as part of ACARD's push into the automotive electronics industry. Please contact ACARD for more product or distributor information. Tel: , Fax: 886 (2) 8512 2548 or
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