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DVR Storage and Backup Made Easy with the 2 Bay HDD RAID Storage System!
-- Consolidated HDD capacity, data backup and accelerated HDD access enable more flexible management and secure data backup.

November 7, 2011 Taipei – Today, ACARD Technology, which specializes in SCSI/IDE/SATA, RAID and storage device designing, has announced the 2bay eSATA-to-SATA RAID Tower - ARS3402M series DVR storage system on the market. Are you finding it increasingly difficult to manage large amounts of data? How can you get the most out of two hard disks? How can the safety of the data be maintained? These are all problems that require more flexible management and secure backup methods! ARS3402M is a storage subsystem specially designed for DVR storage, with a built-in high speed eSATA interface, steady disk controller, equipped with 2 SATA 3.5 inch hard disk tray. It also supports RAID 1/JBOD (Spanning)/Normal (non-RAID), users can configure the capacity according to their demand. With RAID 1 mode, ARS3402M allows users to do off-line HDD backup without disrupting recording task. The ARS3402M gives you complete peace of mind in managing data and securing backups.

Product Features
  • Supports very high-capacity storage, in excess of 2TB, suitable for all kinds of files.
  • eSATA provides better transfer rates than external USB storage devices, reducing bottlenecks in data transfers and improving efficiency.
  • Integrated LCD display allows basic device operations through a menu.
  • Real-time LED indicators for showing HDD status.
  • Firmware updates can be carried out through the USB port, simplifying system management and technical support.
  • Fully compatible with all ACARD DVR products.

ACARD has leveraged its expertise in storage technologies to release the ARS3402M professional 2-bay HDD RAID storage system designed for DVR storage. The advanced storage controller supports two 3.5" SATA I/II HDDs, and each HDD can have a capacity of over 2TB. The ARS3402M offers small businesses the most cost-effective option, as well as being stable and efficient. The ARS3402M will completely meet the needs of DVR systems in terms of performance and compatibility, making the most effective use of storage space. Apart from supporting extended periods of DVR recording, it can also re-arrange disk read/write commands to minimize seeking times during random access and reduce skipping during multiple recording/playback.

ARS3402M supports the RAID 1 function; every second data is automatically copied and saved on two independent hard drives to avoid the problem of data loss in the event of hard drive malfunction. Additionally, the RAID 1 function allowing the user to remove the hard disk for video playback or editing at any time without having to stop DVR operation, thus ensuring constant monitoring capability. Every hard drive is also equipped with a safety lock to stop unauthorized removal, allowing the entire monitoring system to be protected.

The LCD interface is simple enough for even laymen to master, while the LED indicators show the current HDD activity and can warn of system errors. The removable HDD design combines the convenience and mobility of plug & play external enclosures and the stability of removable HDD racks. Firmware updates can also be performed through a USB disk, simplifying the task of technical support. The tower’s form-factor means it can be placed in the corner of an office or security center to work continuously, all year round.

In terms of compatibility, the ARS3402M series has passed a series of strict compatibility tests by the manufacturer, and achieved optimal match with the ACARD DVR, reducing potential compatibility problems. When compared with other standard personal storage devices which focus on usage convenience, the ARS3402M series reduces compatibility problems. For ACARD DVR systems, the ARS3402M offers simply the best external storage solution.

About ACARD Technology Corp.
ACARD Technology is a Taiwanese-based company specializing in storage IC design. The company develops SCSI, IDE and SATA chips as well as RAID storage devices. ACARD products are used by PC, Macintosh, Linux and Unix workstation users all around the world. ACARD Technology has years of development and design experience for SCSI, IDE and SATA hardware so it knows what the market needs and understand customers' requirements. Since 1999 ACARD Technology has been actively investing in the development of key technologies aimed at the fast-developing network storage market as well as the management and protection of critical data on storage devices. ACARD products are now available from the company's distributors around the world.For more information, please visit our website at or call +886(2)8512 2290 and e-mail to
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