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World's First 3Gb/s SATA to IDE Bridge Chip
-The new bridge chip enables high speed data transfer between SATA and PATA interface

ACARD Technology Corp., a leader in the storage IC design and storage system distribution, today announced the ARC-772, the first 3Gb/s single channel Serial ATA (SATA) to Parallel ATA (PATA) bridge chip in the world. With its competitive transfer rates and attractive price, the ARC-772 makes it easy for both host and device application.

With the ARC-772 bridge chip, ACARD continues to build its reputation as a leader in the storage IC market, enabling PATA storage system upgrade to SATA storage system with blazing speed.


"ACARD's ARC-772 is at the forefront of SATA-to-PATA technology and we are proud of having the ability to help companies speed up the IDE interface" said Daniel Weng, the CEO at ACARD. In fact, the ARC-772 supports maximum transfer rate of 200MB/s in Ultra DMA host mode (PATA) and 3.0Gb/s in Serial ATA mode. With such a high rate, the ARC-772 can definitely provide excellent range of applications. Furthermore, it helps the proprietary systems convert host interface to SATA or works with a SATA tray to perform hot-swap function with the PATA hard drive.


The increasing need for data transfer between SATA and PATA interface inside personal computers, industrial computers, factory equipments and Digital Video Recording systems contributes to the presence of the ARC-772. In other words, the ARC-772 can be implemented on the motherboards or systems with an easy and cost-effective means. In addition, without the modification of software and hardware, the ARC-772 can be extraordinarily compatible with SATA host chip on motherboard and most of ATA/ATAPI devices such as hard disk drives, CR-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-RW.

About ACARD Technology Corp.

ACARD is a dedicated storage IC designer and SCSI/IDE as well as RAID card manufacturer in Taiwan. ACARD's products are marketed to PC, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux workstation and server users around the world. As ACARD has been engaging in SCSI hardware development and design for years, it knows what the market demands and how to cater to customers' needs. Since 1999 ACARD has been developing key technologies to grasp the fast growing network storage market, and to focus on managing, protecting critical data on hard drives. ACARD's products are available through its distributors worldwide.

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